Welcome to the hub for Chattanooga's group Green Pasture order. Here you will find all the information you will need to reserve your preferred flavors of FCLO (fermented cod liver oil), and any other Green Pasture products you'd like.

Orders and Payments

Please reserve your preferred fclo flavors by filling out this form. Please make note of the deadline for ordering, and the deadline for payments received. You may mail a check made out to me, Laura Snell to PO Box 17452, Chattanooga, TN 37415.

You also have the option of using PayPal to send funds. If you chose this method you are responsible for any fees that are inccured. To avoid fees you may send funds as a direct bank transfer or select the "personal" or "friends and family" (send funds as a gift) option. Send PayPal payments to ChattanoogaWAPF@gmail.com


If you run out of fclo in between orders, you may be in luck. There are often select flavors kept in inventory. Contact the local WAPF chapter at ChattanoogaWAPF@gmail.com for inquiries.

Click here to reserve your flavors: Order Form

Go here to learn about products: GreenPasture.org

Green Pasture FCLO

Group Order


What flavor is best for children?

The answer to this question depends upon each individual child, but I can tell you that by far the most popular flavors for adults and children alike are Cinnamon Tingle and Oslo Orange.Cinnamon Tingle tends to be a little on the "spicy" side so some children may not tolerate it well.

What flavor does your family take?

Our tastes have evolved since we started taking fclo in 2011. We started out with chocolate gel (yuck!) and quickly switched to Cinnamon Tingle. More recently my kids and I have been enjoying Oslo Orange and GP's new Carob Banana or Caramel flavored Infused Coconut Oil which is a flavored blend of cod, skate, butter, and coconut oils.

How do I pick up my order?

Our order will be placed after both the ordering deadline and the payment deadline have passed. It typically takes a week or two for the order to arrive and then I will sort the product and contact everyone who ordered to arrange for pick up. Please make sure you write your email address on the ordering spreadsheet in the text box below your name. This is how I will contact you.

Contact Laura directly at Laura@RealFoodMaven.com

Real Food Maven

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